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About Us

We believe that lots of people have great ideas. People just like you.

We know though that sometimes it’s not always that easy to take an idea and turn it into something real. That’s why we created StartupApp - South Africa's one-stop Shop for Startups.

It’s a community of startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, dreamers, innovators and self starters - all sorts of people with ideas and businesses all doing their own thing. It’s a place to learn, share and connect with the people, places and services that will help bring ideas to life. It’s a place filled with the information, support and inspiration to help make starting, sustaining or growing a business as easy as possible.

If you’ve got an idea, you've a startup business or you think you can help, it’s a place where you should be... StartupApp is aimed at fostering growth and connectivity in the startup ecosystem.

Use StartupApp to get that timely mentorship, find that perfect co-founder, reach out to investors, hire the best early stage employees, and more…

So go ahead! Discover & engage with startups, enthusiasts and investors!

StartupApp help startups get the right services and connections at the right time, and helps public & private service providers target their services to the specific needs of the startups and other ecosystem stakeholders. Africa's true one-stop-shop of real-time information about ecosystem people, startups, events, services, support organizations and beyond. We are visualizing the pulse of ecosystem activities by startup development phase, location, type, time and more. This platform is available as a Web application, Android Application and as an iOS application available on all App Stores.

For Startups

  • showcase your team profiles and startup profile
  • maintain your startup profile and progress timeline
  • get feedback and advice to accelerate your progress
  • find co-founders, events, mentors, investors, etc. that match with your startup/idea and current development phase
  • chat with people you find and connect

For Communities

  • publish and manage your events and support services
  • digitally connect with other communities
  • publish and share information to multiple communities and channels
  • make connections between people within your community
  • manage your community member/customer relationship and action points
  • manage support program application process

For Mentors

  • find connect and manage your mentee, investor etc. connections and relationships
  • create and use your own scorecards to evaluate and give feedback to startups more effectively
  • track agreed action points and conversations with your mentees
  • show your mentor connection in startups profiles

For Investors

  • get introductions of quality deal-flow matching your specific investing criterias
  • see startups profiles with team profiles, pitch details, progress timeline, and engagement level
  • create and use scorecards for your startup evaluations
  • manage your portfolio and startup relationship
  • join investors communities to connect and manage your peer investor relationships, syndicated investments etc.

Life is too short. Startup!

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Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=africa.startupapp

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