Run for the hills! Agilitee EV is SA's latest tech 'start-up'

Hot on the heels of failed EV company, Mazibuko Motors comes an assault of overpriced Chinese junk with numbers more bloated than your drunkard uncle's beer gut.


"Car manufacture Agilitee has launched its first electric vehicle. The green tag company is at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa. For more on this, #eNCA's Gareth Edwards speaks to CEO Mandla Lamba on #DStv403"


How to start an electronics company in Africa 101. Find a bad website template, an even worse logo and top it all off with a name that sounds like what I'd imagine people in the 1800s would call AIDS. Those are your basics, go on and start browsing for the dumbest bullshit that some Chinese sweatshop will sell you. Got your product? Great! Now take the Alibaba list price, multiply it by 2 and then by 2 again and then by 5. Happy? Now you've got a healthy profit margin. Well over a tiny amount. But hey, why stop at electronics? You can pull off the same stunt with shoes, clothes and to some extent, body parts.


Okay, time to talk Agilitee - which to be honest is a fitting name for a company that imports rubbish electric bikes from an even more rubbish country. The self-proclaimed CEO, who no joke, decided there won't be a single person with a tech background on his precious board of  directors made up of such huge business stars as himself, some lady called Kriekie(?) and another lady - has been accused of scamming people. No, I'm not kidding. It's not just one or two people, there's an entire comments thread full of people complaining about this guy. Yet the geniuses at eNCA, decided to put him on blastl - seriously, eNCA, this sort of irresponsible and downright dangerous journalism needs to stop. Crawl back to your comfort zone where you try and scare South Africans into thinking the country is a cesspool of death and racism on the verge of collapse.


Let's dig into Agilitee's fantastic line-up of white label plastic crap. First up, we have the Super Soco TCMax, oops! I meant the Agilitee Wild Grace, named like the prostitute that it is. I'll link to the bike at the bottom of the article. Okay, maybe it's not named like it just holds corners turning tricks - but it's definitely named like it's a stripper - which it might as well be. Agilitee claims it'll do 300km/h, faster than a Mercedes AMG C63. The dropshipping 'startup' also claims the bike will do an amazing 330km of unbridled riding between plugs. Needless to say both those numbers are complete horse shit. According to a more reliable website, the Agilitee Wild Grace can only muster around 140km of range - and no, it won't be raging down the Autobahn at 300km/h with its mighty 6.7 horsepower motor. In fact, none of Super Soco's models can come close to those numbers, I personally checked.


I would go on and debunk the rest of the fabrications that litter Agilitee's website, but I simply can't dedicate that much time to yet another dropshipping 'company'. Though good on them for renting a half-decent office space. Hopefully it comes with a free tin of Ricoffy.


Okay, here's why I'm a little ticked off by this company - they're giving SA's legitimate hard-working tech startups a bad name. Once this company inevitable goes bust and disappears with people's money, legit business people will have a hard time selling electric bikes. It's like how forex scammers ruined crypto and trading for the rest of us. Stupid fucks like ForexMbali are part of the reason why you'll probably never put your money in the financial markets. They've scarred you, directly or not. Agilitee is doing the exact same thing. If they're going to sell Chinese junk they should at least try be honest. Don't write 5kw as 5000w to try and fool people. Don't inflate your numbers.


Just be honest for once.


You can watch the shitshow of an interview with professional bonehead, Gareth Edwards here 



Agilitee's Stripper:

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