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Welcome to the StartupApp® Startup Toolkit. From Business Concept, Business Planning, Market Research, Design, Marketing, Finance and those other important Business Essentials, this is where you will find all those important resources, articles and documents to help you along the way.

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Like it or not, if you’re looking to start a business, at some point or another you’ve got to start thinking about legal bits and pieces. Yes – the red tape. Boring? Daunting?


The idea, no matter how innovative, quirky or clever it may be is actually the easy bit. Developing it into a proper business though, that’s when things can get tough. But the more researching, planning and organizing you do, the less tough it will actually be.


It makes the world go round or so “they” (whoever they are) say. Of course some others say it’s good old-fashioned love. We reckon it’s the sun’s gravitational pull… Anyhow, back to the money stuff.


You might be convinced yourself that your idea is the best thing since sliced bread. ( I wonder what ideas were compared to before sliced bread…any ideas? Let us know!)


No matter how much you might love your idea, there’s no point in taking it any further if nobody else is going to love it. That’s where the good old Marketing comes in.


Having talent, skill and creativity is all very well, but unless you inject a little bit of planning to the equation, that business idea of yours may never really become more than a pipe dream.

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