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Creating a Unified, Collaborative Network

Startup Mzansi Communities is an initiative of the Startup Mzansi Foundation to support the connectivity, promotion and growth of grassroots, entrepreneur-led communities from corner to corner throughout Mzansi

Startup Mzansi Communities is the flagship program of the Startup Mzansi Foundation to support the connectivity, promotion and maturation of grassroots, entrepreneur-led communities across Mzansi. Through the provision of frameworks; technology; branding; impact measurement and reporting tools; national working group sessions; access to world leading advisors; national promotions; and, meaningful connections with financiers and policy makers, Startup Mzansi Communities is developing the grassroots infrastructure to strengthen Mzansi’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and culture one community at a time.

Startup Mzansi Communities gives entrepreneurs the resources they need to build welcoming and supportive entrepreneurial communities across Mzansi, and it brings them together into a national network of hyperconnected and vibrant grassroots startup communities where entrepreneurs can start and scale their ventures.

At the local level, each member community acts as a point-on-entry for entrepreneurs in their local ecosystem, providing a connection to other startup creators, and easy access to mentors, space, funding, and support to start and grow their businesses. Communities do this through online resources as well as grassroots events that welcome, engage, and encourage all entrepreneurs. Each community’s leaders also proactively engage with local stakeholders in government and industry, as well as with investors, to form a partnership with a common goal of supporting the creation and growth of new companies locally.


Startup Mzansi works with each member community to help build these components of a healthy ecosystem, while also giving them access to a national network of peers, advisors, experts, and opportunities. Startup Mzansi Communities is laying the foundation of a Pan-African infrastructure to accelerate the creation of startup communities everywhere that advance the success of African entrepreneurs.

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