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    StartupApp is Africa’s first one-stop shop for startups, entrepreneurs & self-starters. We leverage blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors.

    StartupApp (Pty) Ltd is incorporated in South Africa and is a fully regulated credit provider with its own licence.

    StartupApp’s mission is to make starting and staying started in business as easy as possible.


    About Startup Mzansi Foundation

    Founded by Sandile Shabangu in 2012, Startup Mzansi Foundation is a Non Profit Company supporting innovative youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. The Foundation is organized under the laws of the Republic of South Africa and governed by a Board of Directors made up of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Specialists.

    With Startup Communities in all nine provinces in Mzansi and over 3000 Startup Associates, Startup Mzansi is an answer to the increasingly bigger delay that is threatening us in the evolution of the South African startup ecosystem. Within the initiative, the most important stakeholders connect and promise to continue co-creating the modern startup ecosystem with all our knowledge, will, vision and social responsibility.

    The Startup Mzansi Foundation is an open platform than can be joined by different organisations and individuals. We also invite startup companies and successful entrepreneurs to join us, if they wish to contribute to the vision of an entrepreneurial and talent-friendly country. We are an amalgamation of multicultural characters whose perceptions, disciplines and know-how shape each unique solution we concieve and deliver. StartupApp® is an innovation by Startup Mzansi Foundation.

    Through innovation and agility we develop smart solutions to accelerate youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. We believe that a buch of young people with an infectious sense of possibility are changing the world; and they are doing so everyday. The time to STARTUP is now!

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